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Paint Nights

Come and join us for an incredible paint night experience led by Taytayski herself! Get ready for a night of creativity, color and a guaranteed good time.  No matter if you're an experienced painter or a complete beginner, this event is designed to let your imagination soar while having a blast. Discover new techniques, unleash your inner artist, and create something a little more exciting than a landscape ;) This experience is available for smaller groups or large companies, and comes in a variety of formats like in-person at Taytayski's studio, she can come to you OR you can all meet virtually from the comfort of your own homes.


Virtual Paint Night Tutorials

Not ready to set up your group experience, or want a little more practice on your own time? Try following along to one of Taytayski’s virtual paint nights on demand! Available any time for you to go at your own pace. 

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Wedding Paintings

Traditional Wedding Day Live Painting

Capture the love and magic of your special day with a stunning wedding painting by Taytayski. Live Wedding painting is a luxury, one-of-a-kind experience where a fine artist paints the event in real-time, capturing the ambiance of your big day on canvas for you to keep and treasure forever.


Unique Subject Live Experience
‍While some couples look forward to capturing their day through a Taytayski painting, others prefer for their guests to experience the process of creating a non wedding related subject.  Although this painting may not be about the wedding, this timeless and unique memory of Taytayski creating before your guests becomes part of the piece and your special day. 

Custom Experiences

Interested in collaborating with Taytayski or have an idea for another experience? From the initial consultation to the final brushstroke, Taytayski's passion for creativity and attention to detail will bring your vision to life.
Custom experiences include:

• Brand Collaborations
• Corporate Events 
• Trade shows and expos
• Murals and window paintings

And anything else you and Tay can dream up!



Thanks for reaching out & talk soon!

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