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Art of Influence

Solo Show at Fluevog YYC- 2023

“Inspiration and influence are complex concepts in the art world. With the rise of technology and the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) generating art, the debate around the authenticity and originality of AI art has become a prominent topic in the industry. While traditional artists draw inspiration from other artists, movements, and cultural contexts to create their own unique style, AI art operates within the parameters set by its creators, drawing inspiration from existing art.

Art of Influence is a curated collection showcasing artists, both classic and contemporary, who have in some way influenced and inspired the artistic journey of Tay. Be it through their techniques, uses of color, career paths, drive, or passion, each of these artists has played a role in shaping Tay's style and career.


Join us in exploring the newest evolution of Tay's style as she balances paying homage to her influences while creating something that is uniquely her own. A traditional artist’s response to the intimidation that’s come with the introduction of art created by machines. Observe how her journey compares to that of A.I art and decide for yourself the difference between intentionality and creativity in the creation process."

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