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With paintbrush in hand, Tay Odynski, better known as Taytayski has been able to build a unique following both online and within the concrete jungles of Alberta. A proud ACAD alumni, traditional artist Tay found her passion for pushing the creative boundary within her art and continues to explore innovative ways on the canvas and beyond. 


Being a painter for the people, Tay has fallen in love with the unpredictability of commission work — which is why you’ll notice no piece alike. Everything from celebrities, people's pets, musicians, portraits, athletes or even glittered up drag queens can be found in her repertoire.


Tay lets the natural movement of the paint dictate the outcome of her work, taking advantage of every medium, drip, splatter and brush stroke. Though painting is her main medium, she loves to dip her toes in a multitude of projects including illustrating a children’s book, The Wonders That I Find. Most recently, Tay’s helped guide the paintbrushes of upcoming artists from young to old at a local art studio along with people from around the world on her Youtube channel.



No project is too big, nor too small for Tay, with one of her biggest projects being a 30 piece commission of various musical icons that are displayed throughout the Aria apartment complex in Calgary, AB. 


In an effort to instill her passion for the arts among others, Tay gives back to the community through virtual paint nights every ThursTay’s on her Caffeine streaming channel. With her vibrancy, pink hair and fun demeanor it’s no surprise she’s garnered thousands of followers on her Instagram page (@Taytayski) along with TikTok, Youtube and Facebook


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