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Meet Tay Odynski



Tay Odynski, professionally known as Taytayski, has started to establish a distinctive presence in the art world both online and in Alberta since launching her career in Calgary eight years ago. A design graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD), Tay is driven by her passion for pushing creative boundaries in her art. Her signature style is characterized by letting the paint dictate the outcome of her work and utilizing every drip, splatter, brushstroke and medium.


As a self-proclaimed "painter for the people," Tay's early work included a wide range of commissioned pieces, showcasing her ability to bring her clients' visions to life and loving the joy it brought to them. From portraits of celebrities and musicians, to pets and athletes, to sparkly drag queens, her use of vibrant colors, paint splatter, and glitter is immediately recognizable.


As her career has progressed, Tay has shifted her focus from commissions to live experiences, showcasing her art through live paintings, painting classes, and on-stage performances. Her outgoing personality and love for people draws her to opportunities to engage with the public and bring her art to life in front of live audiences whenever she can.


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